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About Kepco

Kepco - Heavy Equipment

Our target is always to serve our clients by offering a wider range of products, thus helping to provide a one point for purchasing.

So year after year we widened our product range, giving customers a better opportunity to suite their requirements.

Supplying top brand names -heavy equipment- spare parts...

  • Complete set of international suppliers:

        FP DIESEL                                              Diesel Engines Spare Parts

        PATRIOT ENGENEERING                    Diesel Engines Spare Parts

        GLASER                                                  Gaskets

        GRANT PISTON RINGS                        Piston Rings

        DIESEL PARTS OF AMERICA             Diesel Pumps Spare Parts

        MIBA GLETLAGER                                Engine Bearings

        MIBA FRICTION                                     Clutches & Brake Components

        MODENA PARTS                                   Gearbox & Suspension

        B.F.srl                                                       Gearbox & Suspension

        G.P.M SOUTH AFRICA                       Hydraulic Pumps

And more....


Complete Engine Overhaul:

Complete Diesel Engine overhaul .


Contact Information

You  can easily reach us in Cairo ...
We are located in Heliopolis near Saint Fatima  junction.

Postal address
Cairo: 15 Khalil Arousy, from Saint Fatima Sq. Misr Gadida , Cairo.
Tel:    (+202) 22417865 - (+202) 22407530 
       Fax :   (+202) 26445241
Mobile / Cellular (+20)122 3240644

Electronic mail
General Information: khlifa@link.net   
Kepco - Heavy Equipment 

Send mail to khlifa@link.net with questions or comments about this web site.
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